McCurey (Joe) Walls

McCurey “Joe” Walls has been selected for induction into the Garland Sports Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments as the quarterback for the first Carver High School football team in 1955 and as a Carver sprinter in 1956. Prior to beginning play for the Carver Tigers in 1955, Walls lettered as a defensive end for the Dallas Booker T. Washington football team. Playing for Carver’s first football team, Walls was their only experienced player. As such, during their first season, few other players shared his offensive duties, which meant he took the brunt of the opponent’s defense. In the spring of 1956, Walls competed in track for Carver as a sprinter. As a senior Walls won the state championship 100-yard dash at Prairie View A & M with a time of 9.6. He also won the 220-yard dash with a time of 21.7. Following his graduation from Carver, Walls enrolled at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, and competed as a freshman fullback in football. He also competed in track, in which he ran a 9.9 century event. McCurey “Joe” Walls has four children: Tyrone was band leader at Garland High School. Philip was an outstanding athlete at Garland High School. Herkie was inducted into the Garland Sports Hall of Fame in 1991; and Todd played football and ran track at South Garland High School.