Jerry Cook

Jerry Cook's accomplishments as a member and a coach for the Garland PeeWee Football Association for the past 28 years have earned his induction into the Garland Sports Hall of Fame. Cooks background includes playing as a lineman for the Garland High School Owls and subsequently for Ranger Junior College. In 1978 he joined Garland PeeWee Football as the coach for the sixth grade Sam Houston Colts. During the next 27 years he coached the seventh grade at Sam Houston and Brandenburg and the sixth grade at Jackson, OBanion, and since 1991, Austin Academy. During this period, he has compiled a 67% winning record and has coached six championship teams. As a coach, he has taught youngsters the fundamentals of the game of football and such traits as goal setting, teamwork, dedication, hard work, sportsmanship, and respect for oneself and others. Cook also has spent nine years holding various offices on the board of directors of Garland Pee Wee Football, including the positions of president and vice president. In 1982-1983, he served as the chairperson of the committee redrafting the constitution of Garland PeeWee Football and the resultant document remains the basic structure for the organization at present. Cook is the longest tenured member of the Garland PeeWee Football with his 28 years of service and he is the only PeeWee coach with more than 200 victories. Cook is the head of Master Hatters of Texas, and he and his wife Becky are parents of two children, Matt and Wendy.