Jerry Carter, Sr.

M. G. (Jerry) Carter, Sr. made outstanding contributions to the community through his youth baseball leadership in Garland for a decade, from 1957 through 1966. A Navy veteran of WWII, he moved to Garland in June of 1949 and was an active citizen of the city until his death in September, 1980. Jerry served as president of the East Garland Little League for 2 years, 1959-60, and also was a team manager in the league for 2 years, 1957-58. During this period he caused the first permanent concession stand to be built at the youth baseball league park. He served as a team manager in the Garland Pony League for 2 years, 1961-62, was all-star team manager for the league in 1962, and also served the league as the playing field manager for 2 years, 1961-62. He then served the Garland Colt League as announcer and official scorekeeper for 2 years, 1963-64. Jerry served as vice-president of the Garland Connie Mack League for 2 years, 1965-66, after serving on the organizational committee in 1965. He also was a team manager and the all-star team manager for the league in 1966. In 1964, he also was on the organizational committee of the Garland Girls Softball Association. Through the Garland Optimist Club, Jerry caused the Central Park concession stand to be built in 1961 for use in the Pee Wee Football program. The Lifetime Achievement Award of the Garland Optimist Club was presented in 1981 to honor him for his 19 years of work with the Garland Optimist boxing team.