Gale Fields

Gale Fields is being inducted into the Garland Sports Hall of Fame in recognition of his 31 years as Director of the Lou Huff Recreation Center in East Garland and his involvement with the youth in that community. He also is credited with having the original idea for establishing the hall of fame. Fields came to Garland more than 45 years ago from Marshall, where many years earlier he had been a 6' 2.5 basketball guard in high school. Eight years after finishing high school, he entered Wiley College in Marshall and in three school years and three summers, while holding down a 40-hour a week job as a stock clerk for a pharmacy, he earned his college degree. In the interval between high school and college, he was in the army and was stationed in Germany and Southern France during the Korean War. Fields was the first black supervisor for the City of Garland and also was the city's first black licensed real estate agent. While he retired from his Director's position in 1990, he has remained involved with the community's youth and still works part time as a real estate agent. More than anything else, he is a role model. He has spent countless hours being a friend, a coach, and a mentor to many, and he gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping thousands of kids over the years. There have been many cases where he has worked with three generations of kids from the same family and have seen them grow into productive lives. Gale's philosophy is reflected in his statement, I wanted kids to do their best, and that is what I try to impress on all kids, not just those with athletic ability. The biggest thing was to be a good citizen. Fields is a 'behind the scenes' kind of guy, and he is concerned about the welfare of the people he knows and loves. He sees his wife, Georgia, as his hero, who has supported him in everything he has done.