Dr. Byron Landress

Dr. Byron Landress has completed a half-century of service as the team doctor for the Garland High School varsity football team, and his volunteer service is recognized by his induction into the Garland Sports Hall of Fame. Soon after Dr. Landress moved to Garland to begin his family medical practice on October 1, 1947, he began serving as the team doctor for the Owl team, coached at the time by Jerry Sellers. Through the reigns of 10 additional coaches: Bill Ellington, Homer Johnson, Chuck Curtis, Ernie Cunningham, Russell Coffee, Bob Boyd, Joe Boring, Scott Smith, Dennis Harris, and present mentor Joe Martin, Dr. Landress has continued to serve without charging the school district for his treatment of players at the football field and the field house. He has served not only at home games, but also at out-of-town contests, for both regular season and play-off competition. Dr. Landress' medical skills have contributed substantially to the success of the Owl football teams, which during this 50-year period won 14 district championships, nearly two-thirds of their 35 play-off contests, and were crowned state champions on three occasions. Landress was graduated in 1942 from Baylor University, during WWII, and entered the Army Student Training Program. During his two years in the program, he completed his medical studies and received his M.D. degree from Southwestern Medical School in December, 1944. After serving his internship, he went on Army duty as a first lieutenant in December, 1945. Having been transferred to the Army Air Corps, he began his duty tour in the post-war occupation of Japan in March, 1946 and remained there until August, 1947. Following his separation from the service after achieving the rank of captain, Dr. Landress moved to Garland and began his medical practice.